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Fort lauderdale Athletic Training

Summer 2022

The Training House participated in its first Seven on Seven Season. 

Congratulations to the players and coaches on an amazing inaugural season! A true testament to hard work and dedication.

#WeBuildBetter #OnlyResultscancomefromHardwork


Andrew Forbes - The Training House

Under the Leadership and Vision of Andrew Forbes, the Training House specializes in turning the average athlete into a better athlete. We remind you of the crucial foundational skills specific to being great at your desired position, then take you to extraordinary from there. All of our training is safe,  principled, and fully prepares your athlete to be a better athlete. As a bonus, we build character everywhere we can simply because better inside makes you better outside. We offer flexible schedules and specific plans that make sense for you.



I Want To Get Better 1:1 Training

After a complete skill and will assessment, we individually train you to get better at your desired position.


Squad Up

Group by Position/Responsibility Training


Whether it's all the linebackers or the entire defense, our staff is experienced at teaching teamwork, acumen, etc to any group of athletes. 

Currently Available for all football and basketball positions.


Skill and Will

Assessment Individual or Group

One to two experienced coaches and or former players interview, evaluate, provide feedback, and help create a high level outlook/plan. 

Call for Group Rates or 6+ hours.


Be The Impact

Imagine working out over weeks but still not being game ready? At the Training House, our workouts are geared to the sport/position you play.  No wasted sweat. When you get in the game after training with us, you feel better and they feel you. 


Spring and Summer Group Sessions

$60 per week, 4 sessions

$20 per session

Athlete Sweating

7 ON 7

Annual football showcase


Our clients leaving better than they were before is not our goal; it's our rule.

-Andrew Forbes

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